Read better. Learn better. Live better.

Worldwide Literacy is a not-for-profit organisation working to uplift young people out of poverty through the power of literacy. Every child should be able to read and write so that they can enjoy lifelong learning and interaction with other people. We are committed to building strong partnerships, providing assistance to grass roots literacy organisations and maximising our impact through innovative solutions that bring quality education to individuals, preschools and Grade R-classrooms in South Africa, Africa and abroad.

Why literacy education?

The various large-scale studies of academic achievement combined with government evaluations and case studies provide a comprehensive and consistent story of educational failure in literacy and mathematics achievement in primary schools in South Africa. The vast majority of disadvantaged learners fail to meet minimum standards of competency in reading and basic arithmetic. 

We made a decision that literacy should be our main priority in South Africa. In a country with so much poverty and crime, we believe that literacy will be one of the key elements to turn things around. To further our goal, we have forged partnerships with other concerned companies and organisations and have built long-lasting relationships with communities in South Africa.

Worldwide Literacy was founded to help eradicate these staggering literacy statistics by using the SmartBrain reading and writing programmes to intervene at an early stage in children’s lives. The SmartBrain model has been implemented at various preschools and Grade R-classes throughout South Africa. The model has been tested over the past 20 years and has achieved great success and measurable results and can be implemented even in the poorest and most disadvantaged communities. Where schools and preschools are unable to generate the funding themselves, Worldwide Literacy intervenes to source funding for the initiatives.